Suzanne Whang

Actor/television host Suzanne Whang, known for hosting HGTV’s House Hunters, talks about her journey with cancer and how she recovered and healed with the help of her loved ones.

Grammy Award-winning rapper/producer and philanthropist of The Black Eyed Peas talks about how he overcame a tough, impoverished childhood and how he dealt with the sudden deaths of his brothers.

Michelle Enfield

Native American transgender activist and advocate Michelle Enfield talks about her journey as a transgender woman and the struggles she has overcome to be accepted.


Courage reaches out.
Compassion takes hold.

One in four people are affected with symptoms of mental illness at some point in their lifetime.

Profiles of Hope are their stories.

These are stories of isolation, stigmatization and discrimination. Stories about how they found comfort and care by reaching out to a community that could offer compassion and support.

We hope you find courage and compassion in the Profiles of Hope stories.

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"I kept my diagnosis private. But then, I was given six months to live. I had to learn to ask for help and love and receive it."

− Suzanne Whang

"You have to face all your emotions or else you’re going to keep hiding behind substances. But if you put all your strength onto getting through the dark tunnel, there will be a light at the end of it."


"Everyday, transgender people suffer from fear, discrimination and violence. We need the emotional strength to help us live and thrive in a world that is too often intolerant of others different from them."

− Michelle Enfield